Picks from the Adelphi listings

As usual there’s a lot of great stuff on at the Adelphi this September but in particular you may want to check out:

Friday 14th: Top stuff! Ex Mcluskey. ‘THE FUTURE OF THE LEFT’ plus the excellent ‘VICTORIAN ENGLISH GENTLEMENS CLUB’ plus ‘THE HOLY ORDERS.’ Tax £6 / 5. £5 / 4 concs. Recommended

if you’re up for a bit of rock that is, and then of course:

Sun 30th: THE ADELPHI IS 24 tonight and it may be our last birthday! We sincerely hope you can come along: and for an admission fee of about £3 we should give you a show that will reflect The Adelphi at its very finest! with 2 (TWO) acts to be confirmed at the present time! One is the son of a Texan Baptist preacher who is quite literally one of the worlds greatest living songwriters. (Lift To Experience etc) The other is a rapidly emerging semi acoustic Brighton band with some magical tunes and a great future! ‘JOSHUA T. PEARSON’ Plus ‘MY LITTLE PROBLEM.’

Which is sure to be the best value gig you’ll go to this year!


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