Hull’s changing

Welcome to Hull
Photo by Steve Roe, licensed under CC by-nc-sa.

As someone who works in a department store, the St Steven’s development is simultaneously exciting and worrying: one of my colleagues said to me last night “it’s make or break for [shop where we work]”. Will it bring more business for the store, or will people stop crossing Ferensway after they get off the bus or train and instead just shop in St Steven’s? There remains the legend of the many people in nearby East Riding villages who prefer to shop in York or Leeds rather than Hull, but it’s unknown whether the new developments will change their opinion of Hull shopping. After all, the only shops that seem to be coming in are the chains other cities already have.

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks. The grand opening is scheduled for 20th September. We’re essentially looking at a development that will shift the focal point of the town centre eastwards, away from Queen Victoria Square. Whatever the knock-on effects, I’m sure it will be largely positive for the city as a whole.


7 thoughts on “Hull’s changing

  1. There’s no denying St. Steve’s is an interesting development for the city – can’t wiat to get up close with my camera.

    Thanks for linking to my blog in the Links section!

  2. Sarah says:

    Having worked in the same department store for a while now, I’ve spoken to a good few customers about things like out of town shopping.
    People already often travel to Hull from surrounding places simply to go to places like Debenhams. I also know that many people will travel to other cities like Leeds and York with places like H&M et al in mind. I would certainly think that a fair few of the people that once went out further, wouldn’t see the need anymore as Hull will have what they once travelled out for.
    As far as not leaving the station is concerned, I would have thought that most would see it as a wasted journey if they didn’t even leave the station. You would have thought they’d go elsewhere simply because they’d feel silly/like they’d cheated themselves otherwise.


  3. smigs says:

    Saying that people won’t leave the paragon station/st. steven’s complex comes from direct experience in birmingham, where people arrive in new street station, walk over to the bullring (they built a link between the two so you don’t have to go outdoors), walk back at the end of the day and that’s all they see of birmingham! So it does happen :)

  4. I agree about the Bullring – I had not been there before and was very impressed when I did go earlier this year.

    My one concern about the development is keeping the “less than desirable” element out. People are not going to want to go and spend time in a place populated by the “chavs”. They are going to have to make sure that any hanging around, bad behaviour etc is stamped down on immediately.

    Other than that, I really hope it helps the city!

  5. Sarah says:

    One thing I omitted from my previous comment was that St. Stephens is, in a way, pretty small fry compared with some of the other stuff they have planned for the city. We are, apparently only three years into a mass regeneration scheme (I won’t bother you with the details, but I saw a presentation on it and it looked pretty good). So hopefully, as time passes there will be more and more reasons to leave the station and venture into the rest of our city. After all, it’s not actually all that bad, it’s just really badly branded at the moment.

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