Busy times

I’m not dead! Unfortunately this week has been flat out for me, working most days and all to often seeing friends at night. This weekend I’m off to Truck Festival, so posts won’t resume until Tuesday most probably.

St Steven’s opens tomorrow – I’ll be in there on my lunch break having a gander!


3 thoughts on “Busy times

  1. Sarah says:

    I finished at 3pm on the same day. It had calmed down ever so slightly by then too. It’s beautiful!
    Though I do think having a Tesco of that size is a monstrosity, plu having a Starbucks there…but then you can’t have it all…over all, I’m pretty pleased.

  2. Hmmm… another development taking people away from the small independent retailers and not attracting any new retailers to the city,
    Will people travel to come to St Stephens?? No.
    Will people stop going to Leeds to shop?? Even bigger no.

  3. Sarah says:

    At the moment, I’d agree, but St. Stephens isn’t the end result of the stuff that’s going on in Hull; there is more to come. Besides, from what I have heard..there do seem to be more retailers interested in coming into Hull..though perhaps I have heard wrong.

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