Ian McMillan & Henwen, Hull Truck Theatre

So as my Dad couldn’t make it to Hull Truck Theatre tonight, there was a ticket up for grabs and I gladly accepted, having no idea who was performing. I was expecting some good comedy fare which is what my parents usually go in for, but tonight was a little different. There was an acapella group, Henwen – five yorkshire ladies creating harmonies with their voices – and Ian McMillan, the “22nd Most Powerful Person in Radio” – mainly a poet. Started with a few funny stories and a couple of poems, then a couple of songs from Henwen – including a cover of Hyperballad by Bjork, then another poem, another couple of songs… etc. I was very impressed with Henwen, good stuff – they covered Nina Simone as well as Bjork and somebody else whose name escapes me. McMillan gave readings from his new book, a Yorkshire dictionary which also has some of his poems in, and other bits such as the Book of Genesis as written by a typical Barnsleyman (very funny!).

After the interval, Henwen & McMillan joined forces to do a piece called “Happen”, a song-poem about a man from Barnsley. It was a bit out-there at times, but the acapella stuff was really good, and they managed to fit it together with McMillan’s poetry pretty well. Certainly not world-changing, but if you like poetry & acapella or think you might, I definitely recommend it. Tonight was the ‘world premiere’ – first time I’ve been to one of those! There are only a few more dates, catch them if you can.


2 thoughts on “Ian McMillan & Henwen, Hull Truck Theatre

  1. Zoe says:

    Have a look at Henwen’s own website as well. They have some samples of their songs as MP3s. I enjoyed their songs, and anyone who knows me will know that that is praise indeed. I’m pretty unmusical as it goes, but I did like the rich sound mix of the acapella. Very clever stuff.


  2. Sarah says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to an acapella concert. I really must do that one day; though I must admit, being as unlearned and impatient as I am, I’m not much of a fan or poetry readings!

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