Sleepers – a brief review

Sleepers is a restaurant/café bar on Newland Ave, next to the railway bridge (hence, presumably, the name). I went there the other day for a work Christmas meal. It’s a pretty nice place. Fully booked with Christmas parties on the day I went, they were turning people away. Before I start reviewing the food I should mention that I’m currently trying to gain a bit of weight so quantity may weigh on my mind a little more than it should.

To start, I had pâté with toasted ciabatta. Except the ciabatta wasn’t toasted. Otherwise, excellent – lots of pâté. For the main course, turkey. Lots of it; and lots of vegetables (a few too many brussel sprouts for my liking – but the parsnips made up for it), mashed potato but only two roast potatoes. Dessert – fruit crumble, I liked it a lot. 6/10 on the food – good but not special.

The drinks at Sleepers are quite reasonably priced, or at least the bottled ales are. Good selection too. 8/10

Overall a solid 7/10. As it’s only a minute away from my house I may go again!


One thought on “Sleepers – a brief review

  1. Sarah says:

    I love Sleepers. I noticed that it was pretty much the only place I have been to with work where there weren’t any complaints from anybody.
    My advice to anybody thinking of going is to be patient. You are about to recieve freshly prepared food. It will take a little longer, but be far tastier for it.
    Oh…I’ve been maybe…three times? It was good each time. The service has always been good there too.

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