Look down

Look down

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One thought on “Look down

  1. Orright? Terribly sorry to bother you, found your blog via hull students on lj. Hiii! :) Here’s a rather bizarre idea for you.
    Tiny back story: I moved to Hull in 2007 (I’m from nowhere in particular). Promptly met someone, shacked up, and hid inside being In Wuv for a year. I’m now no longer In Wuv and am now looking around the place I have lived for a year going, ‘Meh?’

    So here’s the bizarre idea: How would you feel about writing a Beginners Guide to Hull? The only things I have noticed are: the amount of women wearing absolutely enormous gold hoop earrings, the alternately warm / abrupt nature of the locals, and the phrases, ‘what you chattin’?’, ‘d’yknow – …’ (the sentence that is eternally left unfinished).

    Are there any good bars? Any good gig venues? Am I being royally rude in contacting you to ask all these questions? I hope not! Please feel free to bomb me if I am. I’m in Hessle, just aim towards Boothferry road!

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