Café at Studio Ten and a Half

Studio Ten and a Half can be found on Trinity Square in the Old Town. While it sits a couple of doors down from the more glamorous Zilli’s, Studio Ten and a Half seems to be firmly down-to-earth. It’s rather unusual in that there’s actually two bits – a downstairs, serving cold food such as sandwiches, and an upstairs (accessed through the Studio Ten and a Half shop, which is worth a look) which serves hot food. We opted to head upstairs.

As it was quite late on Easter Saturday, there wasn’t a lot of choice left – I opted for lasagna, my partner in crime dining went for quiche. Each was served with two salads – of which there was a variety to choose from. For me these were probably the highlight of the meal, the lasagna being filling but a tad too tomatoey. The potato salad was divine, as was the mixed veg. salad I also opted for.

Tea was served in a miniature teapot, but with a twist – it was proper leaf tea, complete with tea strainer, not a teabag in sight! A rarity these days. Anyway, overall this cheerful little café will probably receive a second visit from me. It’s cheapish (£6.80 for lasagna and a hot chocolate), and the unpretentious atmosphere can’t be beat. 8/10.


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