Lazaat is a “world cuisine” restaurant (with attached bar and hotel) located just outside of Cottingham, on Woodhill Way. Despite the somewhat inaccessible location, there’s good reasons to make the trek. About two-thirds of the menu is gluten-free, making this restaurant a good one if you’re a coeliac. Also, although it’s quite a pricey restaurant, a 40% discount is offered between 4.30-6.30 Mon-Sat and all night on Sundays – we made a massive saving when we went on Sunday, and it wasn’t too busy either.

The interior of the restaurant is quite comfortable and the tables aren’t packed in tight, but this is tempered by the fact that the wooden floors and lack of soft furnishings mean the noise level can become uncomfortably loud when it’s packed. Also, the lighting is very dim, meaning it can be hard to indentify exactly which vegetable you’re eating. It’s no Dans Le Noir, but I’d prefer it a little lighter. The waiting staff (mostly sixth-formers from the local school!) are everything you’d expect, friendly and helpful. If anything we were interrupted by one asking if everything was ok a little too much.

As for the food, it’s well presented, though sometimes it hasn’t been thought through enough (ice cream served on a large plate rather than in a dish). Many of the dishes are strongly flavoured, sometimes to the point where you can’t taste the underlying ingredient – this was the case with the roast fish I had for a starter. On the other hand, the Thai Green Curry I had was perfectly balanced. In general most things are fine, though we had the odd vegetable or bit of rice that was under- or over-cooked. The menu consists mostly of dishes originating from South Asia – India, Thailand, Malaysia, etc. There’s also steak, and lobster ravioli (not heard of that one before!). Something for everyone, though many of the dishes are spicy.

Overall, Lazaat certainly isn’t somewhere to go if you’re on a budget, but it’s a good choice if you like eating out and want a large range of dishes to choose from. 7/10


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