Da Gianni

Da Gianni is a restaurant and takeaway – at 48 and 56 Princes Avenue respectively (next-door-but-one from each other, effectively). The takeaway only opened very recently so I popped in the other night with a friend. As takeaways go, this one is very classy indeed. It serves, pizza, pasta, and a variety of antipasti (starters) and side dishes – the menu’s presumably a copy of the one in the restaurant.

The upshot of this, of course, is that it’s pretty pricey. Pizzas and pasta start at £6.25. We chose a Lillianna (mozzarella, italian sausage, mushroom and spinach – no tomato). The dough was done just right, unlike most takeaway pizzas. It ranks up there amongst the tastiest pizzas I’ve had,  but it wasn’t huge – though big enough to fill one stomach, unfortunately in this case we were sharing.

The chef was friendly enough, once we convinced him we weren’t after a kebab or a burger; he chatted away about the ingredients and told us how everything’s freshly prepared, how they’re up for delivering to places near or (relatively speaking) far, and how the pizza we’d chosen was named after his daughter.

All in all, overlooking the expense, this one definitely deserves a repeat visit. Possibly I might make it down to their restaurant at some point and see if that’s as good, too! 8.5/10


2 thoughts on “Da Gianni

  1. Sarah says:

    I have been there too now, and agree that it’s great.
    The restaurant is even better in my opinion. You should go.

  2. The restaurant is definately worth a visit. The food there is spot on and it’s a pretty good atmosphere due to the pretty intimate surroundings.


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