Mammal Hum @ the Adelphi

On the basis of an oddly-shaped flyer I picked up a couple of weeks ago, I went to see Mammal Hum‘s first ever gig last night, at the Adelphi on De Grey Street.

With it being their first ever gig, family and friends of the band had turned out in support. Since there are five band members, there were quite a few of these, plus those of us whose interest had been piqued by the pre-gig publicity.

The support (introducing himself only as “the support for Mammal Hum tonight”), was decent enough, enjoyable bluesy stuff. Not much I can say about one man and his guitar without sounding silly.

Mammal Hum looked a tad nervous when they got on stage, but there were surprisingly few hiccups in the performance, for a first gig. As I mentioned, there’s five of them, so a wide variety of instruments are employed – tambourine, xylophone and harmonica being the unusual ones. Keyboards, drums, guitar & bass also feature. The overall effect, with many different sounds layering over one another, was great; happy music for happy people – pop of the best sort. If this were a music blog, I’d draw comparisons to some other bands – but it ain’t so I won’t. It was pretty much the best gig I’d been to in ages! I’ll definitely be seeing them again.

There’s a couple of tracks on their myspace (linked above), but I encourage everyone to get out there and see them live – they have two gigs coming up (of which I should be attending at least one!):

23 Apr 2008 Sidekicks Lounge, The Lamp
6 May 2008 The Sesh – Linnet and Lark.